Minecraft Server

About Server

Our server started on December 2, 2023. You can access the server both from any pirate launcher and from licensed minecraft. We strive to build a community where everyone feels important. We take into account the wishes of our members, focusing on the best aspects of the game and improving our capabilities every day. Each newcomer receives a trial period of 7 days. After this period, access to the server will require a subscription.

Subscription price - 2,50 usd/month

Referral program

    The site has a referral system that allows any player to reduce the price of a monthly subscription to the level of USD 0/month (that is, to make access to the server free for life).

Each player, after the first subscription, receives an email with his personal referral code. For other players, this code can be used as an invite code when sending a request.

    Despite the fact that the "Invite code" field will not disappear when creating subsequent applications, however, it is a one-time use. The player's nickname will be immediately linked to his invite code in the player database, and subsequent ones will not be accepted (request will be created, but the subscription amount will remain the same).

    If you have already signed up, but did not use the invitation code, you can do so later, during any other request.

Using the invitation code provides a one-time discount of  1 USD, thus, after using the real invitation code, you should receive a letter with the details, which will indicate that you need to pay 1,50 USD for the subscription for one month.

    For the owner of the referral code, the use of his code by another player gives him a lifetime discount in the amount of USD 0,25/month. The discount will increase by USD 0,25 for each unique player who uses his referral code. Thus, successfully inviting ten unique users will reduce his own subscription cost to USD 0 per month.

    A successful invitation of a unique player is considered when the relevant player, after specifying your referral code in the "Invite code" field, receives a letter with payment details and makes a payment. All other requests will not grant you a lifetime discount.

How to earn on the server?

    Each player, after registering a lifetime subscription, or after successfully inviting 10 other players, gets the opportunity to earn on our server. The principle of operation is the same as described in the referral program, but instead of a discount on the payment of the subscription, you will receive 30% of the amount paid by your referral.

    After each payment by your referral, you will receive 30% of the amount paid by him. You can find out information about your referrals and the available amount for withdrawal by leaving a request for withdrawal.

Why is the server paid?

    The vast majority of servers are built on one of two principles. Or it's a free server with very budget hardware, resulting in an annoying gaming experience rather than an enjoyable one. High ping, regular server crashes, severely limited game map, wipes to at least somehow reduce the load on the server. All this is familiar to all of us on free servers.

    The second principle of building a server is Pay to win. These are the same servers with crazy online, good ping and a lot of services. However, donors get an advantage on such servers. And the more they donate, the greater their gap in opportunities and development, compared to ordinary players. And in the case of anarcho-server, such a policy in general kills the very idea of the server.

    A paid server is a compromise, because for a small monthly fee, players get a level playing field, a level playing field for development, a huge map to explore (currently 110 thousand blocks in diameter, if necessary we will increase the boundaries of the world) and powerful server equipment.

Server rules

  1. The use of any cheats (modifications, programs, or utilities) that give an advantage to players or violate the equality of the game is prohibited;

  2.  Any attempt to use game bugs to dupe items or blocks is prohibited;

  3. Behavior aimed at spamming, insults, or any other inappropriate conduct in the chat will not be tolerated;

  4.  Targeted attacks on the server, or its overload with the help of game mechanics (so-called lag machines) are strictly prohibited.

IP-address: kyiv1.mineconnect.xyz:25634 або